Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper Sheet // Pistachio // 70 cm x 50 cm / 27.5" x 19.5"

Wrapped By Alice

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Cute Sausage Dog wrapping paper!

An eco-friendly gift wrap sheet featuring Teddie the Dachshund, printed onto a vibrant pistachio green paper.

This gift wrap is designed and printed in Sheffield, and is made from 80% recycled, 100% recyclable paper. 

Each sheet measures approx. 50cm x 70cm (approx. 19.5 inches x 27.5 inches).

*** NB: Your wrapping paper sheets will be sent FOLDED. ***

The Printing Process

Teddie started out life as an original ink drawing. This drawing was then turned into a custom stamp, and used in the printing of this gift wrap design. From this hand-printed artwork, subsequent sheets are produced using the traditional lithographic printing process; this process produces an authentic handmade look to each sheet of wrapping paper.

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