'Write Your Own Story' Motivational Pencil

Embers and Ink

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These vibrant pink 'Write Your Own Story' motivational pencil are 2B graphite pencils with a pink eraser and a gold clamp.They are made with wood from sustained yeild forests. They are unsharpened as standard.

We all need a bit of motivation sometimes. And these 'Write Your Own Story' motivational pencils will give you some, for when you need reminding that you have your own story that is worth writing! Of course, you might just like a nice shiny pencil to brighten up your desk - and in that case, this will also do the trick!

Please note: the pencil 'lead' is standard grey graphite (2B) - not pink. It is just the outer colour that is pink!

- 19cm long
- 0.6 cm diameter
- Hexagonal
- 2B graphite
- One supplied

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