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Our very own maker Wrapped by Alice is on a mission to bring you beautiful, eco-friendly gift wrapping. But did you know that not all gift-wrapping is plastic-free and not all wrapping paper can be recycled?

Keep reading for Wrapped by Alice’s TOP TIPS for plastic-free gift wrapping!


Firstly, if you bought your paper from Wrapped by Alice, then you can recycle it – all my papers are 100% recyclable. Just pop it in with your other paper and card recycling; job done!

But what should you look for in other wrapping paper?

Any wrapping paper which is glittery or foiled is a mixed product and can’t be recycled. The same applies to glossy, laminated wrapping papers, as their sheen is created by coating the paper with a plastic film.

Scrunch your wrapping paper in your hand; if it stays scrunched up then it can more than likely be recycled. If it starts to expand back out again, it probably contains plastic and can therefore not be recycled.

The Sticky Issue of Tape…

Traditional Sellotape is plastic, which doesn’t break down naturally and can interfere with the paper recycling process if left on the paper.

But now you can buy paper tape that can be recycled alongside the wrapping paper! I sell this in store and online, and this will definitely make your plastic-free wrapping journey easier!

Ribbon’s are also often made of plastic, so if you are wanting to wrap your gift without plastic you can always use natural hemp twine. You can get it in a range of colours and will naturally biodegrade. Just don’t put it in with your paper recycling!

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